Author Services

1) Full author platform replication, or similar needs design customization

Are you an established author or need to build your personal brand and want to create a similar web portal for the distribution of your self-published work? Do you currently use a print on demand service for your books? Whether you’re intending to drop-ship your POD author copies out or are intending to ship your own products out, you came to the right place.

Do you have a custom platform design you need but don’t want to deal with all the hassle? Contact us today to discuss how we can address your personal needs and tailor your services to be the most fit for your customers needs.

  • “Turn-Key ready” custom tailored platform design

  • Streamlined order processing design ensures minimal manning and maintenance requirements

  • Significantly increase your profit margins as a self-published author

  • Build your own brand and take control of your distribution

2) Drop-shipping bookstore distribution and order processing services (currently in design phase)

Did you self-publish an awesome book but are struggling or gave up trying to get your book into bookstores in an efficient way? If you have a book or other product that is Print On Demand, we can automate the processing of your orders for you. When we receive an order for your product through our portal, we take that order and then re-process it through whatever platform your work was published on to drop-ship POD author copies directly to your customers and bookstores. We charge a one time flat fee for setting up of your item in our catalog and a percentage fee for processing your order. Authors are invoiced and paid monthly.

  • Get back more of your own time by putting us to work for you

  • We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service

  • We provide guidance for optimizing your chances of getting your books into bookstores (If self marketing)

  • Marketing plans available upon request